Hi. Nice to meet you!

Dani is a creative artist and detail-oriented graphic designer with exceptional skill level and experience in various mediums, such as vector art, abstract painting and collages.

The first 10+ years of her career she was a Primary Montessori educator. She has studied and participated in the growth and development of thousands of humans.

Her childhood and early adulthood was spent as an artist and advocate. Spending 20 years training as a professional dancer, singer and actress. She was heavily involved in a performing arts child advocacy group Klub Tribe and Peace Child Repertoire Theatre- spreading awareness of social and environmental issues across the globe through performing arts. During this time she was also a youth delegate nominee for the United Nations, co- wrote Rescue Mission: Planet Earth, wrote and performed during Scotland’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, participated in the Londonderry, Ireland Peace Walk, as well as attending and performing at many conventions and EcoExpos.

As a member of the Screen Actor's Guild and AFTRA associations, she has worked in the movie, television and print industry.

Her skills range from photography, editing, video editing, graphic design, writing, web design and more. She has been training and executing professional projects for the last 20 years. In 2008 she turned to the creative side of her passions and began her marketing and designer career- helping local business succeed.

In the last 5+ years she has worked as an in house branding expert for Balanced Manufacturing helping startup CBD companies build their brands.

For fun, Dani also participated as a workshop host for 6 years with transformational festivals Lighting in a Bottle, Lucidity and Insomniac Events.. Her love for event marketing was sparked when she was a part of the team that produced the National Women of Cannabis conference in Las Vegas where she met many inspiring women in the Cannabis industry.

Covid revealed to her a soul project that she is venturing to grow a community supported in wellness to search for their soul life.

SouLife's™ mission is to inspire personal and professional discovery, innovation and success through mind body soul wellness. The core philosophy is built on the belief that our absorbent years (birth-6) were our most formative years and that reclaiming child traits is the key to living authentically, creating a true path for happiness, which leads to personal and professional innovation and success. This is achieved through creating prepared environment experiences with retreats, events and workshops.