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Envisioning the Extraordinary with Dani Garner  

Welcome to Dani Garner Creative, where the boundaries of creativity are reimagined. Our journey is rooted in the belief that extraordinary ideas can transform the world. As pioneers in psychedelic and visionary marketing, we don't just think outside the box – we redefine it.

Our team, a blend of artists, strategists, and dreamers, is dedicated to crafting branding experiences that are as impactful as they are imaginative. From the surreal landscapes of psychedelic art to the visionary frontiers of cutting-edge design, we bring a unique perspective to every project.

We believe in the power of bold ideas and the magic of a well-told story. At DGC, we're not just building brands; we're creating experiences that resonate deeply and leave a lasting impression. Join us on this journey to the extraordinary, where your vision becomes our mission.


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An Odyssey of Creativity and Innovation

Dani is a creative artist and detail-oriented graphic designer with exceptional skill level and experience in various mediums, such as vector art, abstract painting and collages.

The first 15+ years of her career she was a Primary Montessori educator. She has studied and participated in the growth and development of thousands of humans.

Her childhood and early adulthood was spent as an artist and advocate. Spending 20 years training as a professional dancer, singer and actress. She was heavily involved in a performing arts child advocacy group Klub Tribe and Peace Child Repertoire Theatre- spreading awareness of social and environmental issues across the globe through performing arts. During this time she was also a youth delegate nominee for the United Nations, co- wrote Rescue Mission: Planet Earth, wrote and performed during Scotland’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, participated in the Londonderry, Ireland Peace Walk, as well as attending and performing at many conventions and EcoExpos.

As a member of the Screen Actor's Guild and AFTRA associations, she has worked in the movie, television and print industry.

Her skills range from photography, editing, video editing, graphic design, writing, web design and more. She has been training and executing professional projects for the last 20 years. In 2008 she turned to the creative side of her passions and began her marketing and designer career- helping local business succeed.

In the last 5+ years she has worked as an in house branding expert for Balanced Manufacturing as well as freelancing as a creative consultant helping startup Cannabis companies build their brands.

Dani also participated as a workshop host for 6 years with transformational festivals; Lighting in a Bottle, Lucidity and Insomniac Events.

 Her love for event marketing was sparked when she was a part of the team that produced the National Women of Cannabis conference in Las Vegas where she met many inspiring women in the Cannabis industry. Since then, she has teamed up with cannabis business' creating energizing marketing experiences.

Megan - The Green Room 

"Dani is extremely talented and professional, and has been creating graphic designs for me on multiple projects. She is creative and gives a fresh look to all my projects, and I highly recommend her." 

Parisa - Blunt Brunch 

"We hired Dani for graphic design and her professionalism and talents made for a perfect fit! We would love to work with her again!" 

Heather - Grateful Goddess Organics 

"As a manufacturing company, our focus has always been on the quality of our products. However, when it came to branding, we needed an expert. That's where Dani Garner came in. Dani's unique approach to branding transformed our clients' perception of our products. Her innovative, psychedelic designs and visionary branding strategies resonated deeply with our target audience. Working with Dani has not only elevated our brand but also added a creative edge that sets us apart in the market. We highly recommend Dani Garner for any company looking to make a bold, imaginative impact."  

Dawne - Proteus 420 

"As a leading Cannabis ERP company, our brand presence is crucial. Dani Garner's expertise transformed our business materials, from decks to website concepts and logo reveals. Her innovative approach in content creation not only captured our vision but also elevated our brand to new heights. The combination of her creativity and understanding of our industry's nuances has been invaluable. We highly recommend Dani for any company in the cannabis sector looking for cutting-edge design and effective communication strategies."