Brand: DLVRY  

Industry: Delivery Service  

Location: Orange County


DLVRY, a prominent delivery service in Orange County, faced a challenging period of stagnation. Following a licensing change, the company had to halt its marketing efforts, resulting in a noticeable downturn in customer retention.


To counteract the negative impact of the marketing halt, DLVRY needed a fresh, impactful approach to reconnect with their customer base and reignite their engagement

At this event

DLVRY showcased their top-selling brands, allowing customers to familiarize themselves with the best they have to offer.

They provided an interactive experience by offering samples, enabling customers to experience the quality and variety firsthand.


Understanding the importance of fostering customer loyalty, DLVRY devised a customer-centric event. They hosted a Customer Appreciation Bash, a strategic move tailored to provide a direct engagement platform for their users.


The event proved to be a remarkable success:

- DLVRY observed a 25% increase in orders from customers who had previously been inactive.

- The appreciation event not only revitalized their customer engagement but also reinforced DLVRY's commitment to offering superior service and value to their users.


DLVRY's case demonstrates the power of direct customer engagement and the importance of adapting marketing strategies based on evolving circumstances. By focusing on appreciating and reconnecting with their customer base, DLVRY turned a challenging situation into an opportunity, achieving significant re-engagement results.